Why Clients Use Us

Our clients choose us for 5 main reasons:

1)  Time – Our clients realize that their time is a scare resource.  The idea of having to become an expert and dedicate oneself to hours of research, tax law changes, and hours of trying to figure out tax software just does not appeal to our client base.

2)  Technology – The technology we utilize simplifies the process and allows access to our firm from pretty much anywhere.  The technology we use saves our clients time and frustration.  We spend thousands of dollars on our technology each year in order to make the tax season less painful and more convenient for our clients.

3)  Leverage Strengths – With years of graduate level education and experience, countless hours of continuing education every year, we can provide a professional perspective.  There is an abundance of information available, so our clients rely on our company to decipher what is credible and complete.  Our client’s situations are often different then their coworkers, neighbors, or relatives.  They want a professional perspective specific to their situation.

4)  Available All Year – Life continues after tax season and our clients are looking for someone they can reach out to on a year round basis for guidance and assistance.  For example, a client maybe looking to make a large purchase or sale and wants to know the tax consequences they should expect for their specific situation.  Having someone you can call who knows your situation outside of the tax season makes a world of difference; it will save you time and headache, and may save you money.

5)  Tax Planning – Our clients appreciate not only the tax return we prepare for the current tax year, but also the additional planning and foresight that goes into our service for the years to come.  Having a plan and knowing your options makes it easier to navigate expected future scenarios and may prevent an unexpected tax consequence.

Berenz Tax Inc. is accepting new clients so if you find value in the five items listed above please give us a call (720-920-9274) and we can see if we are a good fit.